11 comments on “Normandy 20mm terrain project (1)

    • Thank you. Sadly some of them was broken by a carpenter doing some work in our attic. But they took too long to make so the new terrain i will have to do will be the traditional kind, green boards with terrain pieces that can be added to them :-/ I will of course try to make them look as good as the old ones…

      • Ahh I think they will, your stuff looks great. We’ve always wanted to use “fur” in our terrain. We don’t have the space to store terrain boards yet unfortunately so we have to work in the more traditional “plonk on terrain” fashion and try to blend it in as much as possible. We all game because of the visual look imo, and terrain should be as important as the troops and vehicles ….


        • I will try to make fields made of fur fabric cut out in squares, but to make it look like they are not “floating” on the boards I will fit hedgerows all the way around them. I guess they will be easy to store without taking up to much space :-)

  1. This is the single most inspiring blog post I have ever read regarding terrain building. It looks soo good and realistic with the grass and the stones. And the sketches looks very good too. Im begining to think I need to try and do a board like this.

    Im thinking of 4 board pieces that can be combined in a few ways at least for some variations. Now all I need is to find all the materials I need.

    Keep these tutorials going. Love to be able to follow your endeavors in terrain making

    • Hello Kim! I am glad that this can be used as inspiration :-)
      Sadly I myself can’t be using the terrainboards anymore, we have moved to a smaller house where I don’t have the room to store this kind of things – so right now I am aiming at a gaming matt with loose terrain pieces… I hope you will have better succes than me – and feel free to ask any question if there is something about the boards you need help with.
      /thomas :-)

  2. I actually revived my old failed blog to update on the new board Im starting on. Starting out with a test piece to experiment with the fur and how to work it. Take a look if you want, I even linked to this post as it got my creative juices going.



  3. Fantastic work. I planning to make terrain for 10mm Normandie gaming. And this is definitly the best i have seen so far. very inspiring.

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