4 comments on “Renault R35 in german service!

  1. Hi

    Very nice blog . Nice R 35 you have . I had the similar problem with my Cromwell R-35 the turret wasnt fixe by any manner. I use a small washer and magnet sheet to fix the problem. send me a mail i can send pic of them.

  2. Hey Luis! Thank you! :-)
    I have solved this problem myself by making a bad copy of the usual turret fitting, it works ok, but I guess that there’s better way to do it so I would love to see your solution, I’ll send you an email. I’ll upload some pictures tonight when I’m home from watching soccer!

  3. Hey Thomas,

    Those R35’s are tiny aren’t they!!!! I’ve done a few Millicast ones before and the size gave me a new respect for their crews. As to your coment about being a little jaded with modelling, yeah it happens – been there many times! The key is to enjoy life, enjoy doing other things, not to take modelling too seriously …. you’ll find yourself getting back into full swing when you’re ready lol


    • Hi Brent :-) The US soldiers defending La Fiere bridge in Normandy must have been lucky that this was what hit them when their only weapon against tanks was bazookas and a single 57mm gun. I am slowly comming out of another “painting crisis”, just have to clean my desk before I start up again :-)

      Best Regards

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