2 comments on “Great B war movies…

  1. Hello

    I’m not sure what you mean by ‘B’ movies; they don’t show ‘second features’ in cinemas anymore and whether a film is ‘A’ or ‘B’ class is a subjectiove judgement. Both ‘Saints and Soldiers’ and ‘When Trumpets Fade’ are, in my opinion, first class. Gritty, engaging with a depth of story and believable chracterisation often missing from many so called ‘top of the league’ films. Many big hit films are pretty shallow, generally just platforms for some ‘super star’ who is the only reason people go to see them. I particularly like Saints and Soldiers.

  2. By calling them B movies I mean that they are not big Hollywood projects with full budgets, starring the “best actors”. I’m not saying that B-movies has to be bad, the chances that they are turning out as really great movies are just not as big as if it was a full blown “Hollywood production”. Making a good movie with limitied resources are in my eyes a bigger accomplishment than for example making a “Saving Private Ryan” where you know that the director has gotten all that he asked for.


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