2 comments on “The easiest conversion ever… (not)

  1. Hi Thomas

    Love the conversion so far, would be keen to see updates as you go.

    I did have a quick question on your Empire painting so far..

    You refer a couple of times to “ArmyPainter wash” – do you mean the Wash that comes in the regular dropper bottles (Soft/Medium/Strong tone, I think) or to the QuickShade varnish in the bigger container?

    Your results are pretty outstanding, so colour me curious. I enjoy your blog and will keep an eye out for more of your work

    Cheers mate


    • Hi James!
      I bought my ArmyPainter many years ago when the product was all new, so I guess it is just the regular one, medium tone. Since last time I posted about this conversion I have made some more things on him – both arms are in place now. I have started on his weapon, plus a few more details. I will add some pictures in the near future!

      Thanks for your interest :-)

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