2 comments on “Galleri stuff

  1. Hi Thomas

    Got this email alert this morning and good to know you’re still busy. How are things over there – are you all settled in the new place now? Those US figures inspired me and I am working on some AB US myself now – trying out some colour variations to achieve a similar look to yours. I got planning permission to build above the garage so that is going to take all my time but I hope to have a games room ready this year and then I can spend a lot of time wargamong and painting!


    • Hey Mick! Good to hear from you again :-D We are settled as good as we can be, you know there’s always some stuff that could be different (a new kitchen coming up if my wife was the boss) or a corner that need some paint… but those are minor details. I have become a father to a lovely little girl and beside that I try to get time to become a damn good mountainbiker… So there hasn’t been much time to paint, build and do wargames. The Gallery update was something I did to warm myself up to start again. I have 1000 small projects that I must continue on soon otherwise I will never be able to get through them. So I hope there will be some “real” updates soon.

      I am quite happy with those US soldiers myself (sad that the germans are not as straightforward to paint). I’m not sure if I remember which colours I used, but if I find out I will make a quick little tutorial for you!

      Best regards

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