2 comments on “Battle at La Fière Bridge – To do list

  1. Hi Thomas.
    Good to see you are still progressing on your Normandy scenarios! I still think you should make the terrain boards that inter mix. You can then put your great AB figures onto some really good scenery.
    I am making good progress on building my games room over the garage. I see you mention IABSM – do you go their forum – it’s really helpful. I’ve been posting pics of the building work as it goes along.

    I have started my own AB US force and am nearly pleased with the way they are looking.


    • Hi Mick!
      I have after lots of thinking made up my mind about how my terrain are going to be – you and everyone else have been right all the time, I see that now. Facing endless of hours doing everything else than playing made me re-think what I was doing. Collecting and painting two armies, make my own rules, making too detailed terrain boards at the same time as I tried to live a normal life just didn’t work for me ;-)

      I have parked my own rules and embraced Kampfgruppe Normandy and my boards will in the future be flat painted empty boards in the size 60 x 120 cm. All terrain stuff will be loose elements. But my goal will still be to make this as great looking as possible and I will be forced to make some boards that are a bit designed, the flooded field in the La Fiére campaign as an example or the trenches in the Brecourt Manor mission (I have buildt most of this already, just have to make it fit into the sizes of my new boards). So as soon as I have a a couple of days by myself I will start building hedges, hills, trees, walls, houses and roads to cover 6-8 boards.

      My collecting of armies must be more organized, I still build what inspire me for the moment, right now that is six M10 tank destroyers, but i must be better to aim for one single mission and paint all stuff that will be used for this, else I will never feel that I achieve anything. I only miss a few pieces to cover all US vs. German missions in both the Kampfgruppe Normandy book and all the missions in the Skirmish Campaigns Normandy books, so I just have to get it painted but to do this in the right order.

      Can you send me a link to your post showing your gaming room? Can’t wait to see it! :-)

      B.r. Thomas

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