10 comments on “House making – Part 1 (Battle at La Fière Bridge)

  1. Thomas, this is great stuff and is going to hepl me a lot when I come to make my own houses so thanks very much for sharing. Did you make the stone/brick pattern yourself on the foam board – have I missed one of your posts that explained this?

  2. Hi Thomas, I have now read those atrticles and am keen to start collecting the stuff I need. So, is there another name for the featherboard? When I try to find it in UK modelshops it’s not there. Is this the same as foamboard?



    • Hi again Thomas

      I have read through all of the linked articles and I can see that what you have been using to sculpt the bricks is the right stuff. It would be great if you could let me know what the name of it is and where you got it from, please.

      Your wall sections look very much like the original buildingd in the photos. That must have taken a long time to get right?


      • The name of the foamboard is Depron. People that make lightweigth model aeroplanes us it and I guess you will be able to find it hobbystores. I bought mine in a shop for art and illustration supplies. This link I guess you can use if you want to buy it online: http://www.depronfoam.co.uk/

        The surface is a bit “glossy”, I sand it down just a little bit to get in to the more soft core of the material. When I sculp my wall sections I copy those features that is most visible on the surface – that can be positions of windows, larger stones around doors and windows, small ventilation holes. The rest is just fill I do without thinking to much about how the original building look – otherwise it will take too long to make.

        I try to limit the sizes I use to make my wallsections as re-usable as possible. I have two different heights (40mm and 55mm), two sizes for the gables. For the facades I have 5 different sizes (100mm, 120mm, 140mm, 180mm and 320mm) so I do all I can to fit the design into those sizes which mean I cannot copy the original buildings perfect everytime. The sizing system is made so that I can use the same moulds for roof sections as much as possible.

        I hope this help you, otherwise just ask again! :-)

        • Thanks so much for this help, Thomas. I will get an order in straight away. Thank you also for giving the sizes of the wall sections you use – that’s really helpful as I also plan to game in 20mm, as you know.

          On last question though – what thickness of board do you use for the walls?


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