4 comments on “House making – Part 5 (Adding roof)

  1. This is coming along very nicely. I think you’ve really captured the overall proportions of the building. I do wonder if the lintel over the main barn door is one large piece of stone-more likely it would be three or four stones operating in compression within the arch. That’s a ridiculously minor quibble though, and I could even be wrong.

    It’s beautiful work that looks better than 90% of the stuff on the wargaming market-you would have done well in architecture school with this sort of meticulous attention to detail and ability to read the construction logic of a building.

    How difficult are you finding it to work with resin on a scale of 1-10?

    • Thank you for your kind words :-)

      About the lintel watch this photo: http://www.thomas-nielsen.com/wwii/house14.jpg I have this picture in a higher resolution, plus an extra pic from a slighty different angle. It seems in both pictures as it is made in one piece. It does look like relative fresh concrete and could of course be of newer date but when I have no other leads than this, I think the safest thing is to just follow the pictures I have :-)

      I think resin is quite easy to work with, there is two things that makes it a challenge and it is that it sets really fast – 2 minutes, it makes it hard to make larger batches at the same time. I guess I can get a resin that sets slower but, it can be nice too as you don’t have too wait very long before you can start working with the pieces. The other thing is that resin is unhealthy to work with. I don’t know how toxic it is, but glowes and a filter facemask is what normally people use.

      I don’t take the healt issue too serious, which I probably should, and therefore I think that on a scale it is 7/10 to work with… If using a mask and gloves that is immune to chemical stuff, plus working a place with lots of ventilation makes it much harder to work with I can’t say.

      • Oh, you’re absolutely right-a reinforced concrete lintel wouldn’t have any problem spanning that distance, and the technology was certainly available and pretty widespread before the war.

        I had no idea resin glows. I have this picture of the mad wargamer working away in his lab, face lit by eery green light, now.

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