3 comments on “Inspiration is coming back…

  1. Hi Thomas and welcome back to your room! I am much the same and have too many other things to do when the weather is good. I broke some ribs and my arm six weeks ago so I am now trying to catch up on lost time as my arm is out of plaster now. I have a front porch to build before Christmas so we can get some Christmas lights up. I finished my wargames room by the end of last Winter and had a few game against some friends and some solo battles – all WW2.
    Did I send you some pictures of how it all looked at the end?
    I like those trucks – who makes them? Have you got any further with your La Fiere buildings yet?

    • Hi Mick, thanks :-)
      I am sorry to hear about your injury, good to hear that you are getting better. Please send pictures!!!
      The truck is Academy’s ambulance, very sweet model, I have to buy one more as I will need an ambulance too.
      About the La Fiere buildings everyting has been on hold, I think maybe that was the project that killed my inspiration. I really liked to sculpture the buildings, but the mouldmaking was a very slow process and quite boring. I will probably just do moulds of parts that will help me to save lots of time, like windows and roofs.

  2. I’m looking forward to your return and the inspirational photographs that will follow! That Dodge truck is looking great-there are a couple of versions of those trucks at a local military museum, though they’re both Korean War vintage and have open or flat beds rather than the ambulance compartment.

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