10 comments on “House making – Part 7 (Painting)

      • I think the revised house looks more like your reference photos-you’ve nailed the appearance of the real thing.

        Taken as an independent piece of wargaming terrain, I think I prefer the higher contrast, thin mortar of the initial pictures (if that makes sense). I also think you were on to something with the mortar patches, though they possibly had slightly too much relief and contour for the scale-hopefully you’ll try the technique out again in the future.

        In either case, man it’s one gorgeous building. Well done! I’m sure I’m not the only one who’d love a detailed tutorial if you find the time in the future.

        • H’mm… the contrast between stone and mortar is bigger now than before, maybe the photos doesn’t show this very good. My biggest concern with the first version was the contrast. I follow you with the mortar patches, that looks pretty cool, this house doesn’t have very much though, but some of the other ones have much more, so I will definitely us this later on.

          I am going to build several houses, so I just have to take photos of the proces on the next one.

          Thank you for your help! :-)

      • I didn’t phrase that very well…it’s the deeper shadows that the thin mortar joints gives in the first version that I (ever so slightly) preferred. Which is a kind of contrast, but not the kind of contrast you were talking about. English is such an imprecise language!

        I’m looking forward to the tutorial!

  1. Hi Thomas

    That barn is looking really good! What colours did you use on the stone and which pigments? I couldn’t believe it’s a year since you last posted pics of your building progress

    Amazing stuff and thanks for the inspiration!



    • Hey Mike!

      The colours is a mix of all kind, the big acrylic tubes from Winston & Newton, airbrush colours and few details with my Vallejo’s.

      The pigments is dry chalks from Faber-Castell bought in a Artist Supply store, I bought lots of different colours and shades and make them into powder by scraping on them with my scalpel.

    • Mick, I would say that it is the plaster I use that make it look so realistic. The plaster I used is the same fine version you would use for fixing the walls inside your house. The colour of the plaster can be a bit to light but it is easy to mix some brown/grey acrylics into it to make it darker. :-)

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