5 comments on “StuG got their first layer of “dirt”

  1. The Stugs are looking good, but what I really want to say is that’s a extremely awesome pair of windows in your man cave. Bet you’re going to miss them.

    Also, Do you know of any traditional water-slide decal makers with anywhere near as extensive a range of decals as Archer?

    • No, but I know that Archer has waterslide decals and/or their dry decals can be used as waterslide’s – try to check up on it, I am almost certain they have a solution that would work for you :-)

      I am going to miss everything about this apartment – a sweet flat in two stores, a cosey stove in our living room, it is placed very central in the middle of the city in between 3 large parks, just a 15 minutes walk from my work…

  2. Holy hell, man. That IS an awesome apartment. I would find it very difficult to leave! Good luck with the sale, though I’m sure it will go quick.

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