5 comments on “Mini Tutorial: Hedges

  1. Interesting. I am trying to make bocage, but can’t settle on a particular method. This seems to be the one that looks most viable. They look great. I have cat litter, gravel, rubberized horsehair, flock. This will likely be the way I go.

  2. I`m having a go at some bocage myself and have a similar problem as in I cannot decide which method to go with. It will end up being the best of everything. Thanks for the great tutorial.

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  4. Your blog has inspired me to try and make a Normandy board similar to what you have shown us here. It’s for 28mm so the hedges needs to be a little taller so Im stuck at the moment. I hope my schedule clears next week so I can focus on getting some samples done.

    Keep up the excelent blog you have here.

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