7 comments on “The last couple of years…

    • That sounds great Chris. How big room will you get? I am afraid that my little space will be too small for bigger projects… I have a few alternatives for when to make bigger things but none that are ideal. But beside a new gaming mat most of my future work will be painting armies, and build some smaller terrain pieces, so I guess it will work for me :)

      Thanks for writing

    • OMG! Those buildings of yours are fantastic! Thank you very much for the link, the whole blog of yours is filled with great inspiration.

      During my time away from the hobby I have been wondering what went wrong… Especially with my french farm houses. I remember making them was pure happiness and I wonder why I never completed anything. I found out that the process of making moulds and all that was something I just didn’t like. That part was the bit where my creativity stood totally still and felt like a boring and unwanted task that was forced upon me. I crafted like 5 house in a few evenings and loved every second of it, but as soon as I was ready to make the moulds my inspiration disappered. And all this moulding thing was something I only did so that I could save time…!?
      But why save time from doing something that is fun?

      I hope that when I am soon building armies and terrain again, that I have learned how to put my effort where it makes me happy.

      My approach on making houses have to be different now that I am not going to make resin houses. The foam which I have been using is too fragile for terrain pieces. I have some ideas to how I can move forward. More on that later ;-)


  1. Hello Thomas

    Are you thinking in coming back to the hobby? and continue with this blog?
    Hope it would be so.

    And hope to see more entries and share experiences.


    • ey Jorge!

      I was actually on the verge to continue making some terrain a couple of months ago. I bought all that I needed to make a new gaming mat. Had cut lots of sticks to use as a base for tree making. At the same time I also started to paint som figures for French and Indian war (28mm), much of this terrain that wound be able to use for WWII 1/72 too.

      But as usually something came up. This time a bit more dramatic. Illness struck, and I am now in treatment, which will end in a week. If I am cured, I will be back in a couple of months. But right now the focus is on getting better. I am really sorry to not be able to give a better answer than this :’-( The WWII era is so interesting to play and I really long to continue soon again.

      Best regards
      Thomas Nielsen

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