10 comments on “Have been doing some thinking. Houses, streets and such…

    • Thank you :-) Those are just quick doddles I do to remember how and where I can do the vareity in the houses, so that the look alike but still are different. There is a million of cool details to find when studying old photos, at some point you are afraid that you forget some of all the cool things you seen.

      I am pretty sure you have talent for drawing – everything else you do is really great. I found your blog through Facebook only few days ago – truly inspiring!

      • Ahoi Thomas. I can’t access the link you shared, maybe something wrong with my Java.
        I can see that preparing yourself that way will led to much more realistic houses. Building stuff from imagination or memory alone can introduce mistakes. Case in point: My tavern build has a row of stones missing where stone and wooden beams should meet. I think you considered approach is very cool and on top you have some cool sketches as well.
        So far my attempts in map drawing and perspective drawing are quite enjoyable. I watched some very good YouTube tutorials and did experiment a bit with different styles (and still am). I was a bit frustrated with getting the perspective right, but I guess that comes with time and with a more reasoned approach. I’ll see where this goes, but I feel it is already becoming another aspect of the modelling hobby.

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