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My real name is Thomas Nielsen and I live in Copenhagen, Denmark.

My interest for building plastic models started in my early youth with a big interest for WWII aeroplanes. When I was 15 years old I picked up roleplaying and was later introduced to wargaming which I realised was so much more fun. In the early days it was only Games Workshop’s “Warhammer”, but later also both Space Hulk and Epic. After 5-7 years of using insanely amounts of money on Games Workshop products I discovered that there where a world outside this greedy empire – historical tabletop games was my new passion.

After some years without wargaming my return came a day when my two nephews started to ask about Warhammer. They where in the start of building their own army, and I could see that what they could get for their money wasn’t much. So I took the radical choice to start wargaming up again. I would try to find a scale and era where you could buy a army for half the amount of money that you spent on a Game Workshop army. Because I had a few tanks in 20mm already, and the fact that I always have been very interested in the Second World War the choice was pretty easy. I would also show my nephews that it was possible to build much of the terrain ourself.

So this blog is more or less about things I work on – hope you like it and maybe can use some of it as inspiration for your own hobby.


8 comments on “About Me

  1. Hi Thomas,

    I Like the layout of your blog!!! It is obvious that you have a professional connection to this field!

    Oh yes, your self portrait is not showing!!! Please rectify!! :-)))

    I have 2 GW armies myself (because of my son, but that’s not an excuse :-)), and I like the figs (although just as you, I don’t like the rigidity of the rules and their “lack of realism” in certain issues (strange thing as we are talking fantasy!!).

    I am glad your nephews “forced” you into development aid for modelling!! We must do our best to motivate a new generation if we don’t want wargaming to die out. As you said, most of your fellow-wargamers were older than you!

    Scratch-building is no longer as important (even vital) than it was when I started off (some 45 years ago). Back then you could barely buy figures outside Britain…!!
    If it hasn’t been for good old Airfix, I might not have found the way!!
    Today, you buy what you want (or need) with few exceptions! Good on one side, bad on the other…as your ingenuity suffers a lot!
    Fortunately, a lot of things on the market are not good enough for me..which forces me into scratching quite a lot!

    I have recently started on Braille vehicles. A completely new field for me!! Not at all the same as in 1/35.
    I am not sure yet if I will enter WWII wargaming at all! We will see!! It certainly depends on the availability of nice players in the area (the ones you can game for fun with!!).

    So much for today!

    Good luck


    • Hey Romain! Thanks for writing me in this blog! :)
      I know I always sound very negative about GW… I’m sorry about that because they have some really talented and creative people working for them. I am a little bit sad that they also have very talented money men in the company too and it is because of them I always start complaining ;) I still have my Undead army laying somewhere, this guys used to have some Chaos Knights with them. I also have quit many Terminators and Marines that I used to play Space Hulk with (a supercool product).

      You are right about scratchbuilding! You seldom need to do it anymore – but it is still very fun to do! :)


    • Thank you very much Arkiegamer! I find your blog very interesting too :-) I am your new follower!

      • You’re quite welcome. I’m going to be shamelessly stealing your terrain building techniques over the next few months.

  2. God evening Thomas. Greetings from Hamburg. It was a fortunate coincidence finding your excellent blog. Congratulation. I hope we can meet each other in the future for a game. Regards, Martin

    • Hello Martin from the lovely city of Hamburg! Thanks for your kind words. I hope you will enjoy following my blog. I must admit that there is not much activity in the summer time, I try to be outside as much as possible, but as soon the dark days start I will need to kickstart myself as I have big plans for this winter :-)

  3. Hi there Thomas
    My name is Jose and I´m a modeler since I was born, almost 50 years ago,.
    I have been looking your blog and following your works, I´m in the same way and we share same interest.
    Since a time I see you have no entries here, and would like to continue enjoy your work, its an inspiration and motivation for us.
    Hope everything´s ok

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